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Welcome to SuperSeal Home Improvements
Advanced Heating Box | Solar Panels | Thermodynamic Heating

Superseal is an established company based in Scotland under the control of Directors who have more than 25 years’ experience in the home improvement industry. Superseal is dedicated to providing the customer with the ultimate satisfaction. A one stop shop that offers a range of first class home improvements as well a whole house solution that not only transforms the look of your property but also makes it more energy efficient.

All of the Superseal employees and associates are highly trained in their individual field. No matter what improvement you require, we have ability to satisfy your needs and hopefully exceed your expectations. Our portfolio has expanded recently to include an increasingly popular and proven range of products with energy saving benefits to help reduce your homes carbon footprint.

Advanced Heating Box

The Central Heating Management System can deliver considerable savings on energy costs as well as eliminating the common issues that blight most wet heating systems. The heating box has delivered thousands of customers the game-changing savings as promised since its introduction to the UK.


A Thermodynamic Water Heating solution could save you a small fortune as it works day and night, 365 days of the year, regardless of the weather, to provide you with 100% of your hot water requirements at a fraction of the cost! Proven, tested and used in over a million homes throughout Europe. We are proud to announce the new UK built thermodynamic box now being manufactured by Calorex.


The revolutionary carbon based infrared heating system (ERAD) is now exclusively available to our customers. This new product is designed to deliver dramatic reductions in heating costs and carbon emissions, as well as providing a healthier solution for you and your home.


Our Solar Panels offer superb investment opportunities as well as being energy efficient. As the government unwinds the tariffs, we can promise you a quality system that will benefit your home and your pocket at an affordable cost.

Superseal’s friendly approach makes this a relaxing and enjoyable process, giving you true value with the added peace of mind.


What our customers think means everything to us!

Superseal Review


“All in all I would not hesitate in recommending this company” “Well Done”

M. Telfer


“Great system warm in winter cools in the summer. Quick to install , maintenance free. Quiet when running and cheaper to run than gas central heating”.

Mr Dunlop


 “Superseal have been superb”

Mrs Kettlewell


“We have found the company a pleasure to deal with and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the company to anyone”.

Mr & Mrs Guthrie


“Hassel free and the product has made a big difference to our heating. The company were very professional and the after sales service was brilliant”



“simple super affordable heating at your fingertips”


“Superseal have been superb”


“three different products all good results”


“Thermodynamic water is excellent”


“Superseal super deal”


“Time to tell the energy providers where to go !”


“Brilliant superseal”


“does as it promised”


“positive experience”


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