What is the Central Heating Management System?

A central heating system, which at it heart includes the innovative CHMS.

By installing the CHMS, the central heating system is divided into 2 separate circuits;

Circuit 1: Boiler to Cylinder hot water coil to CHMS returning to boiler

Circuit 2: CHMS to Radiators to CHMS.

On installation the flow temperature from the boiler is manually reduced to 60°C by the installer.

Retro fitting to your current central heating system the Central Heating Management System comprises of a complete set of products that ensures that there are no pinch points in the system with maximum water velocity and quantity without affecting the boiler. The result is that the whole surface of the radiator panel is now heated and utilised to its maximum, the radiator now releases its energy in the form of additional radiant heat as well as convected heat, optimising the system.

The boiler return temperature is given the opportunity to return under 57°C (gas dew point) which helps the boiler remain in condensing mode and attain greater efficiency and lower running costs.