• Biomass Fuel Cost Saving: 40%
  • C02 Saving: Over 1,000 tonnes p.a.
  • Total Project Price: Over £1,250,000 (Free for Peebles Hydro Hotel)
  • Generates Renewable Heat

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2 x Froling Lambdamat woodchip boilers, each rated at 998kW.

40,000 litre buffer tanks (4 x 10,000)

600kW Wolf Gas Boilers – Leisure Centre Back-Up

Replaced 2MW boilers that provided

Heat and hot water to the Hotel and 6 x 80kW (gas fired) boilers that heated the swimming pool and leisure complex.

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“Many of the UK’s most popular hotels and resorts have ageing and inefficient heating systems that are very expensive  to run. Several of our  clients are choosing wood energy not just to save  money, but also to enhance their eco-credentials and appeal to the ‘green pound.”

Kenny Webster
Managing Director of Superseal


BackgroundPeebles Hydro

Peebles Hydro is an early 20th century country house hotel and spa resort in Peebles, in the Scottish Borders. It has 137 rooms, restaurant, bar/lounge, fitness centre with gym/workout room and beauty salon. It has a leisure centre with swimming pool, steam room and sauna.


The owners wanted to reduce both their heating costs and CO2 emissions while maintaining the comfort of their guests.

About BioFund

BioFund, a UK private “green energy” investment company, buys and installs, at its own expense, 200KW+ biomass boilers at UK businesses and authorities that use sizeable amounts of heat at their premises. BioFund provide the full capital outlay for the entire installation including biomass boiler, fuel storage, delivery system and supporting hardware. The end users benefit from lower energy costs and new boiler plant at no cost. BioFund gets its return from government payments for the boilers’ use.

About Superseal

Being one of the UK’s leading providers of renewable energy products made Superseal the perfect partner for the Biofund.

Superseal’s role is to manage and assist with the project application; survey, design, and planning. They also are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the biomass boiler as well as the on-going servicing and maintenance.


Project Summary

The project consisted of the following:

  • Supply and installation of 2 x Fröling Lambdamat woodchip boilers, each rated at 998kW;
  • Extract and transfer augers from single shared walking floor chip store;
  • Offload and craning into position;
  • 4 x 10,000 litre & 4 x 2,000 litre accumulator tanks
  • All electrical installation works;
  • Boiler build, commissioning and training;
  • Back end protection (Wolf Boilers);
  • Design and installation drawings;
  • Installation of all hydraulic pipework to Boilers and re-connection to existing circuits;
  • Installation of new circuit to serve DHW system;
  • Supply and Installation of suitable High Recovery DHW Cylinders;
  • Strip Out of Steam Boilers and other redundant equipment;
  • Flue Installations;
  • Fuel Store

The Result

  • Biomass Fuel Cost Saving: 40%
  • C02 Saving: Over 1,000 tonnes p.a.
  • Total Project Price: Over £1,250,000 (Free for Peebles Hydro Hotel)
  • Generates Renewable Heat

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The System

PeeblesThe Lambdamat offers pioneering wood heating technology to meet the highest demands.
State-of-the-art conveyor grate technology takes care of automatic rust cleaning and removal of ashes ensuring essentially maintenance-free operation.
But convenience is not the only aspect in which the Lambdamat is unparalleled. The high temperature centrifugal chamber means high efficiency and clean, safe combustion.


Peebles Hydro Boiler Room