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A Few Customer Reviews

“Super company to deal with”

I have had the Solar Panels installed for just over six months and am sure that it was the right decision. The panels were installed very quickly after signing the contract. The fitters arrived punctually, were very friendly, worked efficiently and cleared up everything tidily after themselves.

The electrician sited the meter in my garage, but over the next few days I decided that this didn’t suit me very well. I telephoned SuperSeal, who responded quickly and the electrician came and re-­‐sited the meter with the minimum of fuss, which I thought was very impressive, seeing as all the money had already been handed over!

The staff dealing with the registration of the system with Scottish Power were also incredibly friendly and helpful. We were trying to get the system registered in time to have a chance at getting the higher FIT payments. I’m sure I wouldn’t have got it done in time if it hadn’t been for the helpfulness and resourcefulness of the woman I dealt with at SuperSeal.

Mr Phillips

“Happy to have gone with Superseal”

From the sales rep on everyone was very helpful. The fitters came as per arrangement but needed a joiner. Our inverter is in our bedroom [no loft]. they had to lift the carpet and floorboards to take wiring across the room. This was all done very smoothly after a phone call from the fitters. they were all very tidy both outside and in, and invertor panel sits tidily on the wall. As a matter of interest, it has a hum like a fridge while working. this has been the worst year possible for a return on my investment but my panels have covered mm electricity cost plus a bit more. All in all, they were very good to work with can’t say better than that we would definitely recommend Superseal.

Mr Woodburn

“Delighted with my PV Panels”

I have had my panels for a little over a year, this was the first +me Superseal had installed a ground based system instead of roof mounted. The installation team and electrician were unbeatable, nothing was too much trouble. My FIT cheque for the quarter to July 2012 was a little short of £700 and my electricity bill through the summer £7.69 per week.

We did have a minor problem which was quickly resolved by one of the Directors -­‐ To err is human, it’s how you resolve it that counts!!!!!

Mr Hirst

“We are over the Roof”

Being pensioners, we have to be careful with the pennies so it was a big step considering fitting solar PV panels. Why did we worry, our first year has just passed with them and considering the bad summer we have had we are delighted with the 6% return on our investment and our monthly payment to our supplier has gone down from £69 to £40. Wish we had a bigger south facing roof. No problems in dealing with Superseal -­‐ Clean, efficient and polite. Oh! the gas is paid for as well.

“Quick and Efficient”

The whole installation was completed in 3 hours and was very neat and tidy. In almost one year I have earned £1000 tax free! and that is after a miserable summer.

“PV Solar Panels”

Rather than get no return from my money in the bank I decided to invest in PV solar panels. I have to confess that I don’t know if the panels used by Superseal are technically the best but they certainly look good and produce electricity pretty much as the salesman said. The real bonus though were the installers. Firstly, the electrician went to great lengths to ensure that the wiring was concealed within the walls, not easy on a house as old as mine, rather than just sticking conduiting to the wall. After he finished the panel installers arrived and were friendly and efficient. They did a first class job in only half a day. By the end of the day I was using electricity produced from the panels. It took just one week from the salesman’s visit to the completed installation, impressive.

“Saving money and generating electricity can’t be a bad thing”

The panels are simple and unobtrusive. It was installed by very good engineers quickly and efficiently, on +me, on the day stated for the agreed price. It’s been working efficiently for a full year and is more or less reduced my electricity bill to a negligible level. Superseal helped with the Feed in Tariff application forms etc. and made the whole process easy. The front office were very helpful. There is nothing negative I can think of except for the fact that you have to have the capital for the initial cost but that would moulder away in the savings account whereas this gives me a very good return constantly.

We have a small plastic model of the Queen with a photo cell on her handbag which generates power for her hand to wave, A humorous present which sits on the window cill in the kitchen. When the Queen is waving, we are generating electricity on the roof, making money and making electricity for me and that makes us laugh.

“Thermodynamic heating”

We are now the proud owners of a Thermodynamic system from Superseal. Heard the radio advert on Clyde 2 and called to find out more about saving 75%.

Very skeptical at first, but on visiting a local office of the company and saw it working, we had to have it installed. Looks like an absolute winner of a system. Well done to Superseal for being the first on this product.

Spent the day watching the installers (probably got in the way) and was impressed by the efficient and professional manner they conducted themselves.

Ryan and Brendan are a credit to the company. Happy to recommend Superseal.

Mr Reid

“Roof Renewal and Solar Panel Installation!”

From beginning to end of the project carried out by SuperSeal, we were very impressed with the professionalism, efficiency and courtesy of all staff involved.

All details of the installation were explained, and all questions fully answered. Office staff kept us informed of dates when the work would be carried out. The actual roof renewal and panel installation was carried out seamlessly; the team were fantastic!

The quality assurance inspection was thorough and we are now enjoying the benefits of the panels. We would heartily recommend SuperSeal.

Mr and Mrs Callander

“Superseal Stars!”

May we compliment the staff of Superseal!

The ladies on the phone, Richard in sales, Oliver for the assessment…. but most of all, the lads, Brendan and Ryan, who braved 4 hours of sleet, rain, 1c, hail, etc. to install the PV panels. No complaints, would not accept soup, and though frozen and soaking, smiled on. Well done lads. (Very close to hypothermia I can tell you.) The “sparkies” arrived with good cheer, very efficient and tidy, and explained the wee red light thoroughly.

Michael, Director, has been more than helpful as we drag our way through the minefield of “3 days working notice” employed by our banking system (in this day and age?) and thanks for that.

Superseal have a very good team, held well together, and caring of their customers. Well done! May you all go far.

Alison Brown

(In the most remote area of D and G you could find!) …and never a complaint about the road!

“Great Investment”

I have had my Superseal Solar Panels fitted for 7 months and without reservation would highly recommend this company and especially their system!

I invested in their bespoke system and have achieved the figures given to me by the surveyor. I investigated before I purchased and could have bought cheaper, but I’m glad I didn’t.

My friend bought cheaper and is getting very little generation as his system needs the sun!  I had an ISA losing money and decided to move it to the Solar.

The most exciting thing I have to say about Superseal is the opportunity they give to their customers to make the investment even better with their recommendation scheme.

Because of my experience, I have been happy to recommend others. I have made almost £3000 on top of my system generation!

I believe in this product and this company and am happy to let anyone look at my set up or call me. Bill Muir (Ayr)

“Solar Panels well worth the investment”

Last year we were approached by Superseal to have solar panels installed on our roof. This was something we had been thinking about so the timing on their part was very good. It was arranged for the sales person to visit us on the Saturday afternoon. He arrived promptly and was very informative about the product and what would happen regarding the installation and afterwards. We decided to go ahead with the installation and everything went smoothly, it was explained to us how to contact Scottish Gas to get enrolled for the feed-­‐in-­‐tariff and what this would entail. The guys arrived two weeks later on the Saturday morning to install the system and this was done within 2 hours and everything went smoothly and the guys insisted on cleaning up after themselves even though I said that I would do it.

We are now getting the benefit of reduced electricity bills and money coming into us every 3 months from Scottish Gas.

I would definitely recommend anybody thinking about solar panels to have them installed and I would definitely recommend Superseal Home Improvements to do the job.

Mr Mylo

“Air to Air Pump”

Having had a Superseal air to air heat pump system fitted we would recommend this form of alternative ‘GREEN’ heating to all interested parties, cuts our Gas/Electric bills with an environmentally friendly source we did encounter problems but these were quickly dealt with by RUTH and her back up staff bring on the winter we have plenty ‘HOT AIR ‘here!

“Double glazing”

Superseal arrived at our home in September 2010 after I contacted them about new windows. The Rep arrived and introduced himself. He had a few samples of windows and a few brochures. He gave us the talk about their windows. He then gave me a price and left after this. There was no pressure by the company and also no hard sale which I liked. I contacted them in November about fitting them. They arrived mid-December and fitted them in two days. They cleaned up all their mess and took away the old windows.

I had a problem with two of the locks on the upstairs window and 24 hours after I contacted them they sent an engineer around to my house and fixed the locks right away.

The sales rep, the engineer and the joiners who fitted the windows were all very polite and courteous. If anyone is looking for new windows then you will not be disappointed.

Mrs Duncan