Solar helpline

Superseal Solar Helpline

Do you have any of these Solar problems?

  • Poor Performance

  • Low return on Investment

  • No Warranty or Guarantee

  • Didn’t get what you paid for

  • Nowhere to turn

Here is how we can help you:

  • Repair a failing system

  • Maximize system performance and return on investment

  • 20 year warranty

  • Insurance Backed Protection

  • Provide you the perfect solar system

  • Always here when you need our help

Superseal solar helpline

Any investment is only a good investment if its working!

A friend recommended me to call Superseal Solar Helpline. After explaining my issues to them, they suggested they come out and give me a full solar system assessment. As arranged, Superseal arrived at my home and carried out a full and thorough assessment on my solar panels.

I then received full written explanation of what they found and how the issues can be resolved. We then agreed with Superseal a date for them to come back and carry out the necessary repairs. They duly did so and my system is now fully operational and my return on investment has now increased dramatically….

A great service

Since my solar panels were fitted I have never been happy with them. And to make matters worse the company that fitted them are no longer in business!!

I was contacted by Superseal who asked how the panels were working, was I getting the performance expected etc. After hearing about my solar problem’s they made an appointment to visit me and inspect the panels at no cost. The work we had done has made the difference and the panels results since have been amazing.

I would recommend their solar helpline service to anyone who has problems.

My system hadn’t been working for some time. The company I bought the solar system from has gone bust without giving me a certificate. I called the Superseal Solar Helpline and I told them my problems. They suggested a visit to investigate.

They have now got me fully working and certified with an upgrade in performance as well. I can now see how my panels are generating from my phone.

Thanks to Superseal


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