Hamilton Accies superseal top

Picture courtesy of Alan Harvey, SNS Group

Superseal the main sponsors of HAFC, would like to express our concern and support for the football club at this time, given the horrendous event which has led to the theft of most, if not all, of the clubs funds.
It is hard to imagine how this event could happen in this day and age. Keeping their monies safe and secure with quality financial governance, we believe is the mantra of HAFC.

Hamilton Football Club is an institution with deep social conscience, recognized worldwide. Many football clubs could do well to follow in the path of HAFC and offer the helping hand to the needy in the community. Superseal’s sponsorship was built on the ethos of the type of company we feel we are, which dove tailed into a club with such a strong caring community spirit.

Hamilton Football Club now need the business and financial community to search their own conscience in light of this event. Superseal are prepared to step aside and allow further financial support to come in the shape of new or shared sponsorship. Allowing the club to continue its incredible journey started 143 years ago!